Principals & Partners

Process Valves

Fisher Control-Disk Butterfly Valves

A rotary control valve that offers excellent throttling performance with characteristics comparable to that of a segmented ball valve.

Fisher Z500 Severe Service Ball Valve

A simplistic two-piece floating ball design with an integral metal seat that provides tight shutoff in high temperature, high pressure, and erosive applications across all industries.

Posi-Seal High Performance Butterfly Valves

The Fisher Posi-Seal A81 high performance butterfly valve offers solid, automated on-off performance in a variety of applications.

Keystone Butterfly Valves

70 Years of reliability providing industrial process butterfly valves.

SVF Flow Controls, Inc

SVF Flow Controls, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of ball valves, actuators, and controls for High Purity, Sanitary, High Pressure, and all other industrial applications. Visit our SVF Flow Controls page to learn more about their product offerings.

Nilcor Composite Ball & Butterfly Valves

Nilcor is the leading manufacturer of advanced composite valves and is available in a variety of resin formulations with either fiberglass or graphite reinforcement.

Quality Controls

QCI rotor valves have been in production for over 50 years manufacturing quality 2-way and multi-port rotor valves.

Hayward Industrial Plastics

Manufacturers of plastic valves and controls, located in Clemmons, NC, Hayward produces products made of PVC, CPVC, PVDF, PPL and glass reinforced PPL.

RF Technologies

A complete line of on-off and modulating pinch valves for a variety of solids handling applications.

Saunders Industrial Diaphragm Valves

Saunders is a leader in the industrial diaphragm valve market.

Pneumatic Actuators

FieldQ / Emerson

A complete line of spring return and double acting operators featuring Integral position sensors, high flow solenoid valves and field-based intelligence for all of your conventional analog or digital communication applications.

Hytork / Emerson

A premium rack and pinion actuator featuring a rugged cast aluminum body with Ceramgard corrosion protection as standard.

Bettis / Emerson

A world leader in pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn and linear valve actuators.


Stainless steel rack and gear actuators for compact size and corrosion resistance.

Electric Actuators

Biffi Morin Actuators

Safe Valve Automation systems for every condition.

EIM Controls

Now an Emerson company, the EIM motor operator has a long-standing reputation in Power, Oil &Gas, Waste & Water Treatment, and Marine Service industries.

Bettis / Emerson

TorqPlus Series Valve Actuators offer a unique modular design to allow for simple retrofits and upgrades to your valve installation.

Valve Automation Accessories


An Emerson company featuring the Valvetop switch boxes and new Model DXP that combines bus networking, pilot valves, and position sensing into a single globally certified enclosure.

Fisher Controls

Digital Valve Controllers, DVC2000 and DVC6200.


Directional control solenoid valves with 3 or 4 way configuration that can be block mounted to your Namur based actuator or simply nippled in to provide control at the valve.