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NECI's open platform solution for sharing and interpretation of data from bioreactor equipment

Speed to clinic has accelerated through advances in processing, instrumentation, and automation. But most scientists still spend too much time setting up experiments and manipulating data and results, time stolen from the core mission of experimental strategy and innovation.

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Automation engineers are overburdened with managing multiple contracts as labs expand and evolve.
BioNext Open Bioreactor Solution - monitor with software

NECI integrates DeltaV automation with vendor-agnostic connectivity and information management to bring you an easy-to-use web-based solution for effortless bioreactor management.

Kynota is an integrated environment for bioreactor control and experimental data management developed by NECI to alleviate the burden on scientists and those who support them.

Offered as a convenient subscription service that evolves with your lab's scope and scale under an annual agreement, Kynota is an open NECI-supported solution that works across different vendor platforms.

Adding new equipment? Covered.
Adding new control loops or parameters for that equipment? Covered.
Sharing data, configuration or process templates with another lab, building, or country? Covered.
Transferring process to PD or Manufacturing? Covered.
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