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food automation solutions, food manufacturing solutions, Orange soda on a conveyer line food automation solutions, food manufacturing solutions, Orange soda on a conveyer line
food automation solutions, food manufacturing solutions

Every day, manufactures in the Food and Beverage industry are expected to deliver more with less – higher quality products, increased plant throughput, faster turnarounds.

In the food & beverage industry, tight margins are a fact of life. Maintaining the manufacturing process operations reliably and at peak efficiency with no unexpected disruptions can be the difference between profit and loss. Repeatable Process Systems that deliver quality products day-in and day-out require exceptional solutions.
NECI’s solutions include instrumentation, devices, and professional services to deliver the world’s best measurement for repeatable, consistent and accurate manufacturing results.  We offer a full range of services, including assistance in specifying the right control devices for the application, integrating smart devices, project management and execution of complete automation projects, and wireless solutions to further enhance the cost-effective collection of critical data.
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Boost productivity, efficiency, and accuracy with our end-to-end solution for advanced processing, production, and packaging.

The NECI’s team of knowledgeable experts, paired with our complete line of solution offerings, can help you achieve various process improvements across the scope of food & beverage applications, such as:
Optimize your processing plant's production

Raw Material Processing

When tasked with optimizing your processing plant’s production, you know that the smallest oversight can result in thousands of lost dollars over time. Hidden leaks, inconsistent mixtures and costly overflows can drag down your operations. Emerson engineers will evaluate your plant from top to bottom and pinpoint solutions that reduce maintenance costs and bring the predictability needed to run your plant.
Our solutions help you with:
  • Wet milling
  • Material allocation
Packages of Fresh Mozzarella Balls

Consumer Packaged Goods

With increasing pressure from regulators who require safety data in real time and consumers who demand the perfect product every time, it’s crucial to find the right solutions to run your plant. Emerson works with food processors around the world, providing them with industry-leading control systems, specialized cutting tools, valves and instrumentation that assure accountability and accuracy in your operations. From bakery, meat, dairy, vegetable and confectionery items to wine and beer, count on Emerson to keep your customers satisfied.


Our solutions help you with:

  • Brewing production optimization
  • Liquid analysis
  • Temperature control for fermentation
  • Process optimization and compliance
Turn to NECI to keep your assembly line moving and your packaging consistent and repeatable.

Packaging & Filling

To stand out from the crowd, you need packaging solutions that are innovative and cost-effective. Whether you are a niche producer of a specialized drink or responsible for the mass production of a million glass bottles and jars per day, turn to NECI to keep your assembly line moving and your packaging creative, consistent and repeatable. Save time and money with solutions that reduce contamination and waste while turning the heads of your end-customers.
Our solutions help you with:
  • Bottle forming
  • Bottle filling
  • Palletizing
  • Leak detection
NECI's solutions include instrumentation, devices, and professional services, including supporting the selection of control devices.

Hygienic/Sanitary Solutions

Effectively monitoring and controlling a production process is critical for gaining consistency.  Better utilization of the knowledge of your key manufacturing parameters such as,  temperature, pressure, and flow, allows you to create a more repeatable manufacturing operation.
NECI’s solutions support:
  • Higher yields in a competitive marketplace
  • Reduced engineering time through improved reliability, superior batch quality and consistency, reduced calibration frequencies, and efficient process control
Hygienic Solutions