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NECI and Campos Fabrication Debut First-of-Its-Kind RNG Skid

February 7, 2024
NECI, the leading provider of industrial automation and digital transformation solutions, and Campos Fabrication, the leader in energy infrastructure design and fabrication, unveil a game-changing innovation in the Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) industry: the first-of-its-kind RNG decompression skid.
This new technology empowers utility companies to capture and inject biogas from multiple farms into a single location, streamlining the process and maximizing renewable energy potential. The initial skid was delivered and serviced for Liberty Utilities, delivering bio-methane from a dairy farm in their gas distribution system at a pressure of 150 psig and a delivery rate of 160 mscfh. This was made possible by the skid’s dual-stage regulator, which accommodated the unloading of compressed natural gas trailers containing RNG at 4,000 psig. 
The skid efficiently reduces gas pressure from the trailer, with the initial regulator cutting it down from 4,000 psig to 850 psig and the second regulator reducing it to the delivery pressure of 150 psig. The second regulator includes a Coriolis meter for custody transfer metering. To counteract the large changes in pressure and the resultant Joules Thomson effect, the system implements a heat exchanger and water ethylene glycol boiler systems, ensuring gas delivery at the appropriate temperatures. Delivered in a pre-tested, standard 44 foot conex, the skid is a turnkey, site-ready deliverable.
While only the first run is currently in operation, the skid itself is capable of unloading 4 trucks from 4 separate vendors into a single injection point, simplifying collection by eliminating the need for multiple RNG sites. The skid is also scalable, adaptable to accommodate 3 additional stand-alone regulation, metering, and heating systems to maintain accurate delivery records from simultaneous vendors.
The RNG decompression skid is the result of the successful partnership of NECI and Campos Fabrication. NECI contributed the analytical equipment and its expertise in instrumentation, while Campos Fabrication leveraged its mastery of fabrication and assembly. This combined effort resulted in a turnkey, OEM vendor-integrated solution that directly addresses customer needs.

Contact NECI at or Campos Fabrication at for more information on the RNG skid.