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Cell and Gene Therapy Cell and Gene Therapy
Accelerating Personalized Therapies

Accelerating Personalized Therapies

Smaller batches pose many challenges when attempting to scale the process to manufacturing including chain of identity tracking, QA and data collection & analysis for safety and compliance. 

NECI understands your unique challenges—regardless of the stage you are at today. From establishing a technology infrastructure and information security, through the management of knowledge, equipment, documents, and materials, to enabling the transfer of knowledge, we offer a wide variety of solutions designed to meet your needs. 

NECI draws on decades of experience in process automation and a world-class technology portfolio to accelerate your process scale-up and tech transfer.

Connect bioreactor controls, data and software seamlessly with Kynota

Transform data into decisions with Plantweb Optics
Optimize labor, equipment and skill allocation in your facility with Real-Time Modeling System™
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