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Service engineer in hard hat inspecting equipment, valve inspection, valve repair services, valve services Service engineer in hard hat inspecting equipment, valve inspection, valve repair services, valve services

Emerson’s Fisher Lifecycle Services is now integrated into NYNE's core services

We tackle the root cause.

We tackle the root cause.

It’s our training, process, and technology that set a new standard for quality in valve repair. Our in-house valve training has been certifying technicians in the industry for decades; our safety training and process ensures full compliance with OSHA; quality standards are set to manufacturer specifications; and our diagnostic and repair equipment have the capabilities to identify issues more quickly and repair to a much higher standard.
NECI service technician with laptop, valve inspection, valve services

We don’t manage problems, we solve them.

NECI’s foundation is built upon its team of engineers and technicians who are well known throughout the industry as leaders in their field and backed by the highest quality Emerson brands. It’s this focus, talent, experience, and deeper understanding of plant operations that delivers more comprehensive, longer-term solutions that save you time, money, and internal resources.
Our local team of over 230 engineers and technicians is backed by a global network of over 1,500 systems engineers through the Emerson Impact Partner network. Our broad, brand agnostic service and solution offerings and decades of experience provides us with a more comprehensive view of your operations. This allows us to deliver a more complete solution to drive safety, reliability, and performance and to help you comply with evolving industry regulations.
NECI technician in hardhat speaking with customer in hardhat, valve repair services, valve services

Faster is better ONLY when it takes you to the desired outcome.

Unplanned outages are often symptoms of deeper core issues; i.e. parts wearing out sooner than expected due to inappropriate applications, lack of planning, changes in process conditions, or poorly tuned or calibrated automated valve assemblies. NECI’s technicians and engineers are trained to find these deeper core issues and make recommendations which can help to avoid unplanned outages.  But when there is one, our local rapid response team at NYNE Mechanical is available 24/7/365 to get your plant back up and running quickly.

Our Certifications

Streamline your plant management by consolidating services with NECI: One Call, Comprehensive Plant Management Services, One Invoice.

Talk to one of our Field Experts.
technician looking at readout on computer screen, valve inspection, valve services

Reduce Resource Management Time and Costs

Training, managing and overseeing multiple contractors is time consuming and costly to your organization. Consolidating services with NECI will streamline your contractor management, deliver a more complete view of your plant operations and save you time and money with deeper insights, more comprehensive solutions and a safer, more reliable and efficient plant.

NECI’s product and service portfolio offer comprehensive, turnkey solutions to plant management handling everything from valve and mechanical services to reliability, calibration, data collection and analysis. By combining these functions with one vendor, we can consolidate and analyze data from all aspects of plant management to offer more comprehensive solutions which will drive operational excellence, reduce internal costs and provide you with a more streamlined plant and competitive advantage.
technician in front of bank of computer screens showing various measurements, valve repair services

Plant Automation, Data Collection, & Analysis

NECI’s online portal consolidates data from multiple platforms and even legacy systems to provide you with a more complete view of your assets and plant operations. Having all this data in one central location, with one contractor will improve data integrity and save you time and internal resources.

NECI is able to provide consolidated reporting and data management solutions in the following areas: valve and mechanical services, reliability, field services, control system services, and instrument field services.