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Syncade MES Platform Support Syncade MES Platform Support
Syncade System Performance in Your Manufacturing Facility is Imperative

Syncade System Performance in Your Manufacturing Facility is Imperative

Pressure to meet production goals while ensuring product quality can put stress on any operation. Lack of visibility to these goals can lead to inefficiencies, increased costs, and potential delays in delivering your product to market.

Syncade MES increases visibility of your operations to accelerate release times while ensuring reliable and repeatable production processes. Maintaining the performance of the Syncade system is imperative to ensure that you meet production goals and ensure effective use of time and resources.

Is Your Syncade MES Running at Peak Performance?

Is Your Syncade MES Running at Peak Performance?

Your Syncade users require a well-performing, responsive system to maximize their efficiency. But, as MES systems reliably produce batches year after year, a gradual degradation in performance can sometimes occur. As production ramps up, additional interfaces are added and recipes become more complex. This often leads to small, intermittent issues that become more frequent over time — eventually resulting in costly deviations, delays, and inefficiencies.

NECI has the expertise and deep industry experience to analyze and solve these pain points. From installation to fine-tuning, our engineers will ensure that your system achieves peak performance.

Your Partner for Syncade Optimization

Your Partner for Syncade Optimization

NECI understands the pressure of a continuously operated process facility. Our MES services are a non-intrusive way to maintain positive performance and align with best practices.

We will analyze your system data in combination with operator reports to pinpoint and resolve the root cause of performance issues. Often, these seemingly small optimizations return big improvements in performance.

More proactive facilities will opt for a continuous monitoring program, to avoid sudden interruptions and downtime. This approach will allow you to plan for necessary upgrades and maintenance, even as activity and usage of the MES scales up.

Solutions to Your Syncade Challenges:

Need to re-baseline an older Syncade installation
Lack of qualified resources in-house to effectively manage Syncade
Rapid growth has led to expansion of data, user base, and complexity
Need for outside expertise or an outsourced support solution
Partner with NECI to restore your Syncade MES performance to it's fullest potential.
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Our Approach

MES solutions are available to meet the needs of any site implementation. Each offering will include a detailed report and review of findings and recommendations to improve the platform. These recommendations can then be either self-executed with guided support or completely implemented by experienced NECI engineers.

Syncade platform assessment, including review and recommendations for improving application and supporting infrastructure performance and reliability.

Including but not limited to:

  • Concerns/recurring issues
  • Performance
  • Licensing
  • Software Maintenance
  • Database Configuration
  • Web Server Configuration
Analysis of current system performance and hardware sizing, as well as annual growth and annualized execution speed. Projected data points will provide recommendations on upgrade planning, while also accounting for end-of-life dates for current software such as Windows Server and SQL.

Escalation support during normal business hours for any non-project platform related performance and reliability issues.

Response time for issues and escalations are next business day during NECI Business Hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, EST)

Additional escalation of platform issues that are not easily resolved under standard helpdesk services. Platform experts will guide investigations to root cause, engage with third-party factory support, and coordinate on customer behalf to resolve product issues.

An optional added service provides next day remote service for any system upsets that are considered an emergency.

An Emergency is defined as an Emerson product-related issue at the Customer’s site that has halted production or, if not immediately corrected, will cause the loss of product, threaten safety, or have a negative impact on the environment.

NECI will analyze production processes to find opportunities for further automation and integration, including any exception patterns. Engineers will evaluate customer implementation against the latest released functionality as well as provide a functional risk analysis to ensure minimal impact to performance and reliability.
Detailed code-level review of custom components for adherence with best practices. Recommendations such as error handling, re-execution, and changes to improve efficiency will be provided to improve performance of the platform.
Our team will review recipe design in accordance with best authoring practices. Recommendations such as the use of background vs. foreground processing, efficient design, and configuration guidelines to improve performance will be provided.

Experienced Syncade subject matter expert availability to provide insights into technology practices and procedures that you may incorporate into your business to help operations run more smoothly.

  • Analyze standard practices and provide advice for operations that can be automated or streamlined with technology.
  • Prioritize needs to help improve platform operational efficiency.
  • Inform the business and make recommendations on the latest information involving the Syncade platform and related technologies.
  • Support complex technical design.
This service allows for up-front allocation of hours at a discounted rate to be used towards any services not covered by other contract components. These hours can only be utilized when authorized by designated customer contacts. Service bank is valid during the agreement period only.