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Creative. Driven. Outcomes-Focused. Creative. Driven. Outcomes-Focused.

Advancing manufacturing and process operations across the Northeast

NECI is a Solutions and Services Provider for industrial automation and digital transformation.  We solve process, automation, and data integration challenges in therapeutics, energy, and manufacturing with a broad portfolio of product, project, and service capabilities.  Our industry experts excel at collaborating with clients across the complex interplay of people, processes, devices, and technologies to deliver physical and digital solutions that secure assets, improve efficiency, and optimize resources.  

With decades of experience in the industries we serve, we find new ways to push the limits of what our clients see as possible through a deep understanding of business objectives and command of innovative approaches. Whether the goal is efficiency, better access to data and insight, or a reduction in downtime, our team offers the experience and drive needed to help our clients maximize results.  

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End to end coverage for the physical and digital plant

End to end coverage for the physical and digital plant

No other provider has our depth of industry and technical knowledge across valves and instruments , discrete and process automation, data integration, and digital transformation services and consulting. We’re heavily invested in guiding our clients on the promising path to Industry 4.0.

We support virtually all relevant platforms, allowing us to meet the goals of today while minimizing future technology debt.

Confident in our ability to deliver better outcomes, we have developed a portfolio of products and services that directly align payments with outcomes.  We can build, digitalize, service and manage individual parts or an organization’s complete process to optimize costs, reduce risk, and enable insights leading to improved efficiency and accelerated time to market.

Our clients work on the world’s greatest problems

We serve operational, maintenance, and technology leaders and strategists who are commercializing new platforms, managing and curing diseases, improving efficiency in energy production for a more sustainable planet, and manufacturing to win in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.  Our clients range from startups to mature, publicly traded companies and OEMs.

The Covid-19 pandemic disruption has accelerated the need for remote and predictive operations management, requiring new data, connectivity, and insights. In Life Sciences in particular, this disruption has combined with pressure to accelerate time to market while maintaining quality, which in turn propels an intense focus on digital enablement.


Learn how NECI enabled renewable energy plant operations performance improvements of 12-15%

Life Sciences

<h3>Life Sciences</h3>
Hear how better access to data and insight powers outcomes, leading to the development and release of therapies in record time.

Jenn Azar


Jenn Azar became President of NECI on January 1, 2022.  Her vision for NECI is to leverage the power of digital and promise of Industry 5.0 to deliver business impact and a great experience for our customers in life sciences, energy, and manufacturing.

A diverse range of career paths are available at NECI.

Careers - Unprecedented Hiring

Our exciting work with digital pioneers in life sciences, energy and manufacturing is driving incredible growth and we are hiring in many areas including process automation, systems engineering, data integration, solution architecture, and project management.

Emerson Impact Partner

As an Emerson Impact Partner, we are a local, single point of contact for sales, service, and applied engineering for Emerson’s automation solutions business. As a member of the Emerson Impact Partner Network, we offer the most complete portfolio of end-to-end products, services, and solutions, and have the support of the full Emerson network. The Emerson network brings 167 certified service centers, over 5,000 employees with over half having 10+ years’ experience and over $46 billion in installed products in North America.