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Predictive and proactive maintenance services - the most direct route to a more reliable plant
Maintenance only reacts to problems – it doesn’t correct design or operating deficiencies.

NECI has created a reliability program that offers predictive maintenance services, consulting services, and the industry’s best products to help clients improve plant reliability.

Maintenance only reacts to problems – it doesn’t correct design or operating deficiencies. By considering your people, work processes, technologies, and management and work culture, NECI creates a structure for ongoing continuous improvement that leads to improved process reliability.

NECI deploys an experienced team of Emerson-certified reliability engineers who provide a wide range of maintenance solutions to our clients. NECI strives to help clients transition from reactive maintenance to predictive/proactive maintenance strategies. Whether it’s through vibration analysis, motion amplification video analysis, infrared thermography, ultrasonic inspection, or oil analysis, NECI provides a total solution through training, products and services.

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A successful reliability program goes further than implementing technology. Predictive and proactive maintenance services are also critical to a failure-free operation.

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Predictive Maintenance Services
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