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Improving Efficiency for Existing Operations Improving Efficiency for Existing Operations
Empowering the Entire Sustainability Journey

Empowering the Entire Sustainability Journey

The transition to a sustainable energy future will not happen overnight. New energy sources such as nuclear fusion and hydrogen fuel are exciting, but while these technologies mature our existing infrastructure must continue to power our lives.

NECI has the expertise and products to empower the process facilities of today to optimize the efficiency of their operations, while also reducing costs and maximizing availability.

Solutions Include:

Two-thirds of the energy that is employed is lost through gaps in inefficient systems. Our energy systems are built to last for the future, help to protect our resources, and are better optimized to deliver the necessary results.

Advanced control and data analytics systems from NECI will put the right data, into the right hands, at the right time — crucial to energy and resource efficiency.

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Whether your are monitoring compressed air, water, steam, or other media, leakage is inevitable and can account for as much as 30% of media usage. This reduces productivity, contributes to unnecessary emissions, and may incur hefty maintenance costs.

NECI provides monitoring and maintenance tools that test for pressure drops and peaks across valves, steam traps, fluid systems and more — all in real time. Whether monitoring one device or an entire plant, our solutions are flexible and driven by the customer's specific needs.

NECI's Burner Management Solutions help deliver safe and reliable combustion operations for single-fuel/single burner boilers, per NFPA 85, EN 298, and EN 50156 and other applicable codes.

The solution communicates the state of the burner light-off sequence and any missing interlocks to operations personnel for easy troubleshooting. The system also identifies the "first out" cause of a process trip to assist in diagnosing combustion issues.

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Case Study: Reducing Steam Trap Failure Rates at a Pulp & Paper Mill


A major pulp and paper mill in the northeast faced a challenge to decrease condensate usage by identifying malfunctioning steam traps and creating a criticality assessment and accurate maintenance and repair plan.

NECI Approach:

To survey this large facility, incorporating over 1,200 steam traps, NECI utilized ultrasonic technology for non-intrusive steam trap monitoring. This method allowed for the detection of acoustic events related to steam trap performance, and was supported by an additional heat gun check for comprehensive assessment of faulty traps in real time.

NECI then provided a detailed report that identified each asset — size, manufacturer, model, discrepancies, reduced inlet or outlet connections, and more — and reported critical leaks requiring repair. The report also included a leak cost summary and photographs with the leak locations. This report allowed for accurate planning of repair and maintenance during scheduled turnaround.

  • Steam trap failure rates decreased from 15% to 5%
  • Profitability for the facility increased by reducing wasted steam
  • Maintenance efficiency was maximized through NECI's use of ultrasonic technology, minimizing the time required for analysis
  • Sustainability, operational efficiency, and reliability of these assets were optimized
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