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Combined cycle power plant behind a field of golden flowers

Offering comprehensive solutions for commercial power generation, cogeneration, and renewable energy.

Our end-to-end solutions provide a wide range of support from overall plant assets to individual assets such as valves, instruments, rotating equipment, automation systems, and data systems. These solutions, along with our industry experience and holistic approach, maximize plant performance, improve plant reliability, and ensure plant safety.

Enabling Your Business to Win in an Increasingly Competitive Market

As government regulation and competition have grown over the past decade, it has been increasingly important for plants to do more with less which in most cases has resulted in fewer staff and resources. NECI has been helping multitude of power companies transition easily by providing them with the support they need to succeed. NECI and Emerson’s power industry experts solve complex challenges through our unique ability to combine our knowledge of the latest industry technology with our team’s years of experience and wide range of services.  

Strategic ways we support our partners

NECI can complement your existing staff to fill knowledge and experience gaps by bringing  together technology, Industry knowledge and your work processes.   As an Emerson Partner, NECI provides industry leading technicians, digitally enabled equipment and processes. We can help also help to re-tool  your up and coming technicians and managers. Led by industry subject matter experts, our team will help you digitally document and monitor your assets as well as store and analyze your data to identify performance bottlenecks and create holistic solutions to make your plant perform better and more reliably than ever before.
Our in-house training has been certifying Engineers & Technicians in the industry for decades; our training and process is designed to help you find core issues and not just the immediate effect of a failure; and our diagnostic and repair equipment have the capabilities to identify these core issues more quickly and offer more comprehensive solutions.
Our team at NECI is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide a strategic view that solves the root cause problems no matter what the asset or system.
Our local team of over 230 engineers and technicians is backed by a global network of over 1,500 systems engineers through the Emerson Impact Partner network. Our broad, brand agnostic service and solution offerings and decades of experience provides us with a more comprehensive view of your operations and allows us to provide a more complete solution to drive safety, reliability, performance and address the evolving industry emission guidelines.
The Internet of Things (IOT) has driven plant automation technology at an increasing rate. The devices, when combined with cloud-based intelligence software have the capability to monitor, diagnose and predict failures further in advance than ever before. It will allow safe, remote monitoring to reduce staffing requirements while improving uptime performance. 
Digital transformation is a process of small, incremental replacements of manual tasks with digitally automated solutions. Some changes are as easy as replacing physical tags with RFID technology which can significantly and immediately improve workforce safety while tracking assets throughout the plant. Additional sensors and digitally enabled equipment can send real-time data to a centralized, cloud based warehouse where data can be monitored remotely. When combined with Business Intelligence (BI) software and predictive analytics we can solve performance and efficiency bottlenecks before they occur.
Combining Strategic Knowledge with Innovative Technology
Technology has evolved the power industry in the past 20 years and NECI, an Emerson Industry Partner, provides clients with the latest innovative solutions that result in safer plants and more reliable and profitable operations.
We combine our technology and business expertise with innovative technology in order to provide our partners with a holistic approach that leads to a digital transformation that uniquely fits into our partners’ needs and culture. We take our years of experience and use the appropriate technology to provide more efficient processes.
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