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Batch Automation Batch Automation
Continuous Improvement Through Batch Automation

Continuous Improvement Through Batch Automation

Our batch automation solutions, based on the DeltaV architecture, modernizes manufacturing to support regulatory compliance, agility, cost-efficiency, and continuous improvement.

DeltaV, specifically designed to handle batch processes, features S88 control hierarchy, campaigns, unit-level alarm management, agile docs and info batch reporting integration, data integrity across batch productions, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance support. DeltaV Batch is modular, which allows you to develop a library of software modules that can be reused, which can make testing more efficient. It’s also scalable, to support manufacturing with multiple products and stream recipes.  


Choose modular and scalable solutions
Reduce human error and manual labor
Use recipe-based batch procedures
Simplify validation
Ensure replicable controls
Ensure version control and audit-trail
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