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Combined Cycle Optimization Solutions - Cycling Duty

NECI has a long history working with power clients across
the Northeast.

We don't manage problems; we SOLVE them.

Get a free cycling duty evaluation and consultation now, by one of our experts.

Work with NECI to mitigate asset reliability issues.

Work with NECI to mitigate asset reliability issues.

Our world class maintenance, repair and knowledge of your critical control valves, bypass valves, attemperator systems and instrumentation have made us a trusted partner in this industry.  We understand the challenges that combined cycle plants face and the reliability issues that come with cycling duty.
Renewable power options and two-way power flows have diversified the grid, increasing cycling duty in combined cycle plants, taxing critical equipment.

Renewable power options and two-way power flows have diversified the grid, increasing cycling duty in combined cycle plants, taxing critical equipment.

Our experts not only repair problems caused by heavy cycling but solve their root cause.  NECI is able to analyze and solve issues holistically, from software to asset, regardless of the system(s) you use.  Utilizing software optimizations, we can help you address the root causes, preventing problems and keeping you from unplanned outages / surprises, allowing you to achieve sustainable and quantifiable performance improvements.

Outcomes our clients have experienced:

With over 50 years of industry experience and backed by a world class team of engineers, NECI has successfully helped our clients achieve their desired business outcomes.
Reduced Startup Time & Fuel Usage
  • More consistent, quicker starts
  • Decreased fuel consumption at start
  • Time-accurate release to dispatch
Improved Operational & Starting Reliability
  • Improved low-load reliability
  • Fewer turbine trips due to balance-of-plant events
  • Reduced valve and pump cycling
Improvements in Ancillary Services
  • Faster ramping
  • Better heat rate
  • Decreased operation and maintenance costs
Emissions reduction
  • Decreased ammonia usage
  • Decreased emissions excursions
  • Longer catalyst life

Is cycling duty impacting how you operate and maintain your plant?

Your plant, when it was designed, may not have been designed for the modern grid.  Today's grid requires increased cycling which is the root cause to many reliability issues.   NECI has the solutions for challenges caused by cycling duty.  Click on some of the issues associated with cycling duty to see the system improvements available now.
Challenge(s) Created: 
  • Water carryover damage to HRSG SH tube bundles
  • Erosion of HP & HRH steam piping
  • Steam turbine blading damage
NECI Solution:  
  • Regression model based HP and RH steam attemperator controls
  • Additional DCS protection logic per ASME TDP-1-2013
Challenge(s) created: 
Suboptimal plant heat rate

NECI Solution:  
  • Model-based HP & RH steam attemperator controls
  • Automated/ optimized plant startup and drain valve operation logic
Challenge(s) Created:
  • SCR ammonia slip suboptimal
NECI Solution:
  • Model-based SCR ammonia controls
Challenge(s) created: 
  • HP and RH steam bypass valve and piping damage 
NECI Solution: 
  • Improved steam enthalpy controls for spray water valves
Challenge(s) created: 
  • FW pump bypass valve seat damage
NECI Solution: 
  • Improved controls to eliminate valve operation at small percentage openings
Challenge(s) created: 
  • Manual control of duct burner MW load operation 
NECI Solution: 
  • Automated duct burner start/stop and MW load control logic

But don't take our word for it...

Hear what our customer, Rodd Ligols, General Manager of  Rhode Island Landfill Gas Genco, LLC has to say about NECI.