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Burner Management and Combustion Control Burner Management and Combustion Control
Meet Sustainability Goals

Meet Sustainability Goals

Advanced burner control solutions from NECI allow for increased efficiency in fuel usage and reduced carbon emissions. Modern burner controls enable systems to respond to downstream process demands resulting in more environmentally sustainable operations and reduced costs, while exceeding strict modern efficiency guidelines.
Safe, Efficient & Reliable Burner Operation

Safe, Efficient & Reliable Burner Operation

Safe firing of boilers, fired heaters, furnaces, and other combustion processes is of utmost concern at sites that operate these processes. NECI's Burner Management and Combustion Control Solutions ensure safe start-up, operation, and shut down of a combustion process and prevent hazardous situations.

Modern burner controls also allow for increased efficiency, operator capability, reliability, and compliance.

Solutions for every facility

Solutions for every facility

From large, multi-burner facilities to smaller operations, NECI has the solutions you need to:
  • Increase safety and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Empower operators with the data to detect unsafe conditions prior to a trip event
  • Reduce risk by eliminating older, unsupported equipment
  • Minimize energy consumption and emissions by optimizing fuel/air control
  • Decrease light-off time from hours to minutes
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Learn more about the benefits of modern burner management

Modern burner controls allow for greater efficiency in fuel usage and tune the boiler system to respond to downstream process demands. This results in a more environmentally sustainable system and lower costs, as well as a means to achieve efficiency compliance levels. 
Modern burner management platforms allow for more complex control of utilities in coordination with each other. Operators are informed and empowered to adjust the output of the boiler systems in concert with the needs of the process operation.

Increased visibility of control interlocks reduces the need for troubleshooting and associated downtime. Operators are supplied with the data to proactively detect problems prior to a trip event.

All of this translates to a more reliable operation with reduced downtime. It also allows for smaller teams to manage utilities.

Replacing old, unsupported components with new OT systems increases safety, reduces risk, improves reliability, and ensures compliance with modern codes including NFPA 54/85/86/87 and ASME CSD-1.

Trust NECI with your burner or combustion operation:

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