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Brown Stock Rejects Brown Stock Rejects
Removing impurities from the process stream is crucial.

Removing impurities from the process stream is crucial.

Pulp from cooking always contains some unwanted solid material. Some of the fibrous material may not be completely in the form of individual fibers. The main purpose of the pulp screening process is to separate harmful impurities from pulp with minimal fiber loss, and at an acceptable cost level.

Bark, sand, shives, and rocks are typically found within the cooked chips and must be removed. It is important for these impurities to be removed from the process stream as they can have negative effects on end product quality, may damage downstream process equipment, and may cause operational problems.

Trust the solution designed for the application.

The Emerson Fisher™ Slurry Vee‐Ball™ V150S combined with CL150 raised face flanges offers rugged construction, highly wear-resistant trim materials, and an unrestricted straight-through flow path, making the design ideal for controlling the most abrasive of slurries.
Avoid damage to process equipment
Produce a high quality product
Prevent operational problems
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