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Man in a hard hat working on equipment in a factory, OEM industry solutions, OEM solutions Man in a hard hat working on equipment in a factory, OEM industry solutions, OEM solutions
Skid with Emerson products, OEM industry solutions, OEM Solutions

Maximize Production Efficiency, Maintain Quality Standards, and Work Within Budget Constraints

One of the biggest challenges OEMs face comes from the pace of change – changing technology, changing market dynamics, and changing business expectations. NECI works with OEMs to meet their unique needs to ensure uninterrupted production. We’ll work with you to select the best products to meet your goals, so you can maintain overall equipment effectiveness and keep operating costs in check. 
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NECI Offers Collaborative Solutions for OEMs

NECI will help you maintain the right level of production, so you can produce the high-quality solutions your end users demand. We'll work with you to ensure the most reliable, secure, and innovative products are installed where you need them, to help you tackle your persistent business challenges. Our capabilities include:
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Consult on your automation and product selection needs to give you a competitive advantage and grow your business


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Provide decision-making capability and visibility for your equipment, wherever it is installed globally.
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Increasing efficiencies and revenue by delivering solutions to fit your specific business objectives


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Maximize uptime and process efficiency for your end user
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Local inventory, specific to your standard equipment offerings - ready to ship when you need it
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Extend your services and support team with our Global and Local networks