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Automation and Digital Solutions

NECI serves many industries such as life sciences, power, food & beverage, and chemical by providing automation and digital transformation solutions that address process and data integration challenges. Our core business is on the front lines of data. We don't just evaluate the plant — we look at the complex interplay of people, processes, devices, and technologies across your enterprise and connect all your data silos to secure assets, improve efficiency, and optimize resources, enabling our customers to deliver life-saving therapies, produce energy safely and sustainably, and reimagine and transform operations through Industry 4.0 solutions.

With decades of experience in the industries we serve, we find new ways to push the limits of what our clients see as possible through a deep understanding of business objectives and command of innovative approaches. Whether the goal is efficiency, better access to data and insight, or a reduction in downtime, our team offers the experience and drive needed to help our clients maximize results.

Industry Spotlight

We will help you get your product to patients at record speed.
Life Sciences

We will help you get your product to patients at record speed.

For any molecule type or therapeutic area, our team of experts can navigate through your process development and manufacturing challenges with efficiency and innovative data analytics.   
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You can trust us with your most complex projects.
Power Generation

You can trust us with your most complex projects.

The power industry is known to have many unique challenges. Our engineers will analyze and evaluate your data, design new equipment and new procedures providing solutions that will better your plant and your operations.
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We will help you meet your critical objectives.
Natural Gas LNG

We will help you meet your critical objectives.

It is important to stay competitive in the face of ever-changing demands and operational constraints. When you need to regulate, monitor, control, and deliver gas and critical data safely, reliably, and efficiently, turn to NECI.
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“The Biogen virtualization effort has simplified maintenance and management for the automation team, reduced hardware and power consumption costs, and added a level of flexibility, reliability, redundancy, and scalability to the infrastructure.”

Michael Kalvaitis

Senior Automation Engineer for Biogen

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