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NECI announces Stellix Global Services

March 21, 2024

Re-branded group will continue to serve NECI customers, expand technology and service offerings

Today NECI announced the re-brand of its services team into a sister entity called Stellix Global Services. Stellix Global Services will continue to focus on delivering value to NECI customers and partners through deep industry knowledge, physical and digital technology expertise, and service across the process and production lifecycle in life sciences, energy, and manufacturing. Field services including mechanical services, outages, calibration, and other on-site services will remain within NECI. 

The move signifies a renewed commitment to helping life science and industrial operations and technology teams achieve breakthrough performance and efficiency through advanced digital technologies and approaches. Stellix Global Services will continue to expand its breadth of technology and service offerings to support NECI customer modernization and digital transformation. Customers will also enjoy new and innovative lifecycle and managed service options, designed to maximize tech and platform business value across design, maintenance, and optimization phases. Together, NECI and Stellix Global Services will deliver long-term value for customers on the shop floor, at the plant level, and above the plant and across the enterprise. 

Services moving to Stellix Global Services include process automation, IT and OT lifecycle and managed services, data and analytics, and I&C engineering, among others. Stellix Global Services will continue to provide services to NECI’s customers and current customer and partner relationships will remain unchanged. Both NECI and Stellix Global Services will report into a newly named holding company (see Stellix) with the shared mission of helping customers in life sciences, energy, and industrial manufacturing to develop, produce and deliver their offerings more efficiently through technology and service. 

NECI has recently moved into a newly renovated global headquarters in Foxborough, MA, together with Stellix Global Services and the other brands in the Stellix portfolio. Designed to foster creativity and collaboration, the facility features a customer experience center, a training center, state-of-the-art labs, and employee and customer project spaces where breakthrough thoughts and ideas can be shared. 

NECI is a solutions and services provider for industrial automation and digital transformation, solving automation and workflow challenges in therapeutics, energy, and manufacturing with a broad portfolio of product, project, and service capabilities. The company collaborates with clients to operationalize facilities across the complex interplay of people, processes, devices, and technologies to deliver physical and digital solutions that secure assets, improve efficiency, and optimize resources. NECI is an Emerson Impact Partner. For more information about NECI, visit 

For more information about Stellix Global Services, visit