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AMS Optics AMS Optics

Driving Operational Performance and Workforce Efficiency to New Levels.

Powerful enough to help you overcome any challenge across the enterprise.

Powerful enough to help you overcome any challenge across the enterprise.

Effectively bridging operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) for manufacturers across industries, AMS Optics can establish a sound data foundation for digital transformation; provide real-time actionable insights into assets and processes; and help personnel make more informed decisions that truly move the needle.

Unify data from across your plant – including valves, instrumentation, rotating machinery and more.

AMS Optics with AMS Machine Works

AMS Optics with AMS Machine Works

With the AMS Machine Works Data Collector for AMS Optics, users can monitor the health of their rotating machines and stay better informed of activities, even via mobile phone. 

This increased level of awareness enables users to perform exception-based analysis versus inspecting every piece of data collected, which drives increased productivity and efficiency. 

AMS Optics with AMS Device Manager

AMS Optics with AMS Device Manager

The AMS Device Manager Data Collector enables intelligent field device health to be centralized in AMS Optics.

Asset health is delivered to the relevant users in a clear and meaningful way. This means you can act before a problem affects the process—resulting in poor product quality, or worse, a costly shutdown.

AMS Optics

Expertly Manage Your Assets and Enable an Integrated Workflow
Enhanced OT Connectivity
Easily connect to Emerson sources as well as third-party sources through agnostic interfaces to a variety of OT platforms.
Asset Historian
To improve asset reliability, you need to be able to see the status of your critical assets and know how they’ve performed over time. AMS Optics can historize asset parameters to enable asset health diagnosis.
Unified Management Interface with Modern Architecture
A single, central location for managing connections results in improved maintainability and security and also facilitates more effective integration with external clients and development environments.
Enterprise Scalability
A flexible, modular architecture facilitates integration into existing systems, on premise or in the cloud, without significant redesign and enables routine maintenance and recovery functions to be executed without disrupting operations.
CMMS Interface
CMMS interface maps assets from AMS Optics to your CMMS, so work requests are created proactively before process upsets occur in the facility. This allows you to integrate your workflow and drive corrective actions.
Secure by Design
Emerson’s data management technologies are developed in accordance with the highest industry-recommended standards for cyber protection and data sovereignty.

AMS Optics Enables the Connected Worker

Empower personnel with access to relevant information, more efficient work processes, and enhanced mobile applications.

Secure Access

Role-based user access is granted through configurable profiles, and access to external partners is enabled by defining virtual namespaces with only necessary information.


Persona-based Alerts

Prioritized, actionable information is automatically delivered to relevant personnel, on or offsite, through a single, intuitive user interface, in real time.


Automated Workflows

Drive closed-loop reliability with workflows that are generated when an issue arises and closed after an appropriate operational response has been validated.


Knowledge on Demand

Enhance training and knowledge transfer with a dedicated library of documentation, videos, and step-by-step procedures accessible to your personnel.

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