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NECI Names Jenn Azar as New CEO

January 7, 2022
NECI, a Solutions and Services Provider for industrial automation and digital transformation across the Northeast, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jenn Azar as their new President & CEO of NECI, succeeding Tom Ramundo effective January 1, 2022.

As the new CEO, Jenn shares her vision of making NECI the number one and top of mind provider of digital industrial outcomes in the company’s key markets of life sciences and energy. In the past year, Jenn and her team helped take the COVID-19 vaccine from a genetic sequence to a manufactured product in record time through digital process manufacturing tools and services.

Jenn joined NECI in 2002 as a sales engineer.   During her tenure, Jenn has enjoyed successful relationships with customers in the roles of Account Manager, Strategic Account Director, and Executive Vice President.  Starting her career in the early biotech industry, Jenn discovered a passion for delivering therapies as an impactful mission to change lives.  In recent years, she has been very focused on helping with new emerging biotech modalities, such as cell and gene therapy and mRNA.  Jenn’s focus on new modalities and digital business models has led to tremendous growth in NECI’s services and life sciences portfolios.
Jenn Azar, the new President and CEO of NECI.