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NECI Announces the Launch of Kynota

May 12, 2022
NECI Announces the Launch of Kynota, a Complete & Open Bioprocess Data Integration Solution

NECI, a solutions and services provider for industrial automation and digital transformation, has launched a new brand, Kynota, an open bioprocess data integration and controls solution, to help drug developers reach market faster by accelerating science with real-time contextualized data. A subscription-based, turnkey bioreactor software solution, Kynota integrates all devices regardless of manufacturer, unifies and contextualizes data, optimizes workflows, reduces errors, and prepares for seamless tech transfer.
As a SaaS subscription, Kynota includes support and software updates, while also quickly adopting the user’s process to help advance towards tech transfer. The Kynota solution delivers increased uptime and optimized asset performance, while reducing maintenance expenses. The cost-effective subscription model provides an expandable and flexible open system for use by the end user. More than controls, Kynota provides parameter management, notifications, mobile accessibility, run comparison and more in a scalable solution.
‘We believe that life sciences organizations developing, manufacturing and distributing therapeutics should be able focus on therapeutic outcomes and leave the ever-evolving ins and outs of process equipment and data to us.’- Jason Cummings, General manager, Kynota

The Kynota solution provides key business differentiators through ease of ownership, functionality, service, and support. End-users are enabled to focus on science rather than mining through data, improving overall productivity and throughput.
In 2023 and beyond, the brand intends to expand into other industries such as food & beverage and agrochemical development.

About NECI
NECI is a solutions and services provider for industrial automation and digital transformation who solves process, automation, and data integration challenges in therapeutics, energy, and manufacturing with a broad portfolio of product, project, and service capabilities.  The company works with clients to operationalize facilities across the complex interplay of people, processes, devices, and technologies to deliver physical and digital solutions that secure assets, improve efficiency, and optimize resources. NECI is an exclusive channel partner of Emerson. For more information

About Kynota
Kynota is a software solution that supports upstream R&D and GMP process equipment, such as benchtop bioreactors and larger SUBs operating in batch and non-batch modalities, as well as many ancillary devices individually or in groups.  Functionality includes the calibration of sensors and pumps, probe changes, alarm setting, and the control and monitoring of the reactors through each experimental run.  The solution is based on a subscription business model that supports process scientists and developers with harmonization, open access, and control of data and experiments across sites and equipment.  This model guarantees forward compatibility, flexibility, and configurability of technologies and supports all process transfer requirements within the enterprise as needs change and scale over time.  For more information visit

To learn more about Kynota, visit