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L.P. Larson Selects New England Controls to Implement Emerson CSI 2140 for Vibration Analysis

April 28, 2014


L.P. Larson selects New England Controls to implement Emerson CSI 2140 for Vibration Analysis

Advanced analysis capabilities predict machinery faults before they occur and lead to process downtime.

MANSFIELD, MASS (March 10, 2014) – New England Controls announced today the successful installation, commissioning, and startup of six of Emerson Process Management’s CSI 2140 vibration analyzers at the L.P. Larson engineering center in Massachusetts.

Vibration analysis is an important part of an effective maintenance and inspection program, as it can detect misalignment, imbalance on rotating equipment, wear on bearings, and other issues that can lead to unexpected and costly downtime.

The CSI 2140 analyzers were selected because they were proven to be one of the fastest processing collectors in the industry. Plus, the vibration analysis database software, part of the AMS Suite, is consistently being improved and updated by Emerson Process Management. The CSI 2140 features simultaneous four-channel data collection, allowing technicians to collect data faster and monitor more machines, while spending less time in hazardous industrial environments.

The CSI 2140 also comes with a touchscreen that adjusts to the lighting environment so it can always be seen clearly, and a battery that can last for more than 10 hours of continuous use.  

According to Eric Larson, President of L.P. Larson, “During the last year, it became evident to us it was time to make a change to a new vendor for our vibration analysis equipment. Picking the right analyzer is a major decision for a predictive maintenance company. We searched for a solution provider who maintained a very driven focus – one that had a proven track record and a great reputation in the predictive maintenance industry.”

“The analyzer and analysis software also needed to reflect the latest in vibration analysis innovation,” said Derek O’Dwyer, I.T. Manager and Engineer at L.P. Larson. “A major concern was finding a company that is actively developing both the hardware and software aspects of vibration technologies and predictive maintenance. The vibration analyzer had to have the advanced analysis features that a professional analyst would use not just geared towards your average maintenance professional. The collector also needed to be fast and reliable.”

After spending more than a year reviewing several vendors’ solutions, the decision became a clear choice for L.P. Larson. In addition to the advanced technology, L.P. Larson wanted a trusted and respected partner they could rely on. New England Controls, an Emerson Process Management Local Business Partner, was the best solution.

Since utilizing the CSI 2140 and AMS Machinery Manager  software, L.P. Larson has been able to provide a much higher level of diagnostics to their customers with less time on-site which produces a win-win situation; cost savings for L.P. Larson’s customers and themselves.

About New England Controls

New England Controls is the leading solutions supplier of process reliability, control, and information management technology and related services in the New England region. The company is headquartered in Mansfield, Massachusetts and supports a local presence in northern and southern New England with offices in Bangor, Maine and Cromwell, Connecticut.

New England Controls delivers a broad scope of products along with the engineering, training, maintenance, and asset optimization services required to address critical process management challenges. New England Controls participates in a wide range of industries including life sciences, power generation, pulp & paper, food & beverage, gas distribution & transmission, specialty chemicals, and water & wastewater. Visit us online at

About L.P. Larson

The L.P. Larson Corporation ( is a complete predictive maintenance solution company based in Braintree, Massachusetts. The company uses vibration analysis, thermal imaging, dynamic balancing, laser alignment and ultrasonic inspection to solve machinery and structural problems for top industrial and commercial firms, government agencies, pharmaceuticals and utilities. 

L.P. Larson selects New England Controls to implement Emerson CSI 2140 for Vibration Analysis

Emerson's CSI 2140 offers simultaneous four-channel data collection - plus phase - for fast, efficient troubleshooting in the field.

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Emerson's CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer offers speed and performance in data collection and field analysis