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Your Guide to AgileOps™

June 15, 2022
Processes in different facilities may vary in scale and complexity, but regardless of the size of your operations, the health of your control system can be a major game changer. The simpler and more reliable your control system is, the easier it is to manage operations. 

This is where Emerson’s AgileOps™ software provides consistency and reliability to the control system by keeping it optimally configured for the process state. This software can provide modular and scalable platform-agnostic applications to give you a unified view of all your control system settings and performance. 

Here are three key attributes of AgileOps™ that makes it one of the best operations management software for industrial enterprises:

AgileOps™ provides the real-time capability to view the control system configuration, recommend and collaborate on design changes, implement changes in the control system, and audit the configuration versus the design. All this can be conveniently viewed on a user friendly dashboard that contains all the info you need to know about the state of your operations. It can also help you securely extract crucial data and create custom dashboards or reports whenever you need it. 

AgileOps™ is made up of several applications that allow you to make use of a single, unified solution across your enterprise. AgileOps™ uses the same approach for tracking, KPI reporting, alarm rationalization, and state-based alarming regardless of your implemented system, allowing for a standardized control and access across multiple sites in your organization. It is also compatible with multiple control system platforms, thus delivering a complete solution for an entire site. 

AgileOps™ is compliant with ISA 18.2, EEMUA 191, IEC 62682, API RP1 167, 49CFR192.631, and 49CFR195.446 standards and is designed to help you keep up with these standards when coupled with Emerson’s alarm rationalization services.

To learn more about AgileOps™ for your industrial operation, check out our product listing and consult a NECI Expert about your project needs.