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Meeting Plant Sustainability Goals through Front End Engineering Design

January 15, 2024

In today’s world, simply completing a project on budget and on time isn’t enough. Projects must also achieve their long-term sustainability goals, underscoring the need to align project execution with broader business objectives. For that, meticulous pre-planning is key.

This is where a comprehensive Front End Engineering Design (FEED) comes into play. A FEED study, conducted by experts like NECI, an Emerson Impact Partner, carefully aligns your project with your business goals, simultaneously laying a solid foundation for future success. NECI’s FEED work process – incorporating best practices from industry authorities, such as the Construction Industry Institute, Project Management Institute, Independent Project Analysis methodologies, and more – has proven to deliver successful results:

  • 20% lower costs
  • 39% schedule reduction
  • 15% increase in utilization/capacity* 
*compared to projects with less pre-planning

Benefits all types of projects

Whether you’re undertaking a large-scale project or a smaller upgrade, a FEED study delivers tangible ROI. It streamlines implementation, helps identify and minimize project risk, and encourages greater user involvement and management and stakeholder support, leading to better project performance. 

Unlocks operational efficiency

Optimizing resource utilization is key to improving performance, returns, and eco-sustainability. Effectively managing WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity, and steam) consumption is critical.  As an Emerson Impact Partner, NECI leverages Emerson’s cutting-edge suite of software products to address WAGES issues and other efficiency challenges. 

Experience and expertise

The NECI automation team brings years of experience and unmatched proficiency to every project. Partner with us to ensure your project finishes not just on time and on budget, but also achieves lasting sustainability and success. 

Learn more about our Front End Engineering Design services. If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to unlock the power of a FEED study for your next project, get in touch with a NECI Expert 24/7/356 at 1-844-NECI-NOW or contact us to learn more.

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