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When to Call On an OAS (On-site Asset Specialist)

September 15, 2022
Advancements in technology have enabled plenty of automation opportunities for plants, helping make day-to-day operations easier and more efficient. However, no matter how streamlined and efficient your controls in place may be, there are still instances where expert intervention is necessary. This is where on-site asset specialists come in.

What is an on-site asset specialist?
Having on-site asset specialists or OAS is key to ensuring failure-free operations. These are highly-trained individuals that plan, execute, and maintain your equipment to ensure that they perform at optimal efficiency and reliability. They perform in-depth planning and maintenance to make sure your plant avoids unplanned downtime, optimizes resources, and maximizes ROI on your asset investments. An OAS is counted on to minimize the potential impact of any issues you may encounter.

It all starts with a plan.
Achieving reliability of critical components goes further than implementing technology. At NECI, we believe in the power of predictive and proactive maintenance services, and our OAS leverage their experience and expertise through every step of the process, from installation, integration, service, and testing of your monitoring systems to day-to-day monitoring. 

It pays to work with the best.
When calling on the services of an OAS, it’s best to make it worth your time and resources. As unplanned plant outages pose a significant risk to your facility and production, it is best to work with a tried and tested institution. NECI’s Experts implement a wide range of tactics from vibration analysis, motion amplification video analysis, infrared thermography, ultrasonic inspection, and oil analysis to ensure the efficient operation of your assets with real-time, accurate diagnostics.

NECI’s flexible Reliability Programs work with your asset health requirements, your timeline, and your budget. Learn more about our Reliability Solutions, or contact us 24/7/365 at 1-844-NECI-NOW to talk to a NECI OAS about your plant’s unique needs.