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What You Can Expect from the NECI and Dragos Partnership

August 20, 2020
NECI, the leading solutions and services provider for industrial automation, data, and digital transformation, recently announced its partnership with Dragos, Inc., the global leader in cybersecurity for industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) infrastructure. 

Through the inking of this partnership, the two industry experts will work together to deliver advanced threat monitoring and vulnerability management solutions and bring top-notch, sensor-based cybersecurity solutions to their customers in the pharmaceutical and life sciences, oil & gas, specialty chemicals, utilities & power generation, food & beverage, and process manufacturing sectors. 

Who is Dragos?
Dragos provides companies with the latest in preemptive tools and technology that is necessary to optimize vulnerability management alongside a collaborative, community-based approach to understanding and responding to the world’s increasingly sophisticated OT cyber threats. 

Why NECI partnered with Dragos
The Dragos platform leverages continuous, passive collection and analysis coupled with exclusive threat intelligence from their front-line industrial analysts and practitioners. This enables NECI to deliver a broader portfolio of best-in-class system-agnostic cybersecurity solutions. This integration also ensures uptime across digital and physical plants by mitigating industrial cyber risk through optimal threat detection, investigation, and response.

What sets Dragos apart
While there are many products that can send alerts for potential issues, it is key for these products to have a deep understanding of OT and cybersecurity expertise to ensure that any issues, potential or actual, will be handled properly. Dragos provides meaningful threat context, a rich plant asset view, and playbook response capabilities for each threat type. This collaboration helps make NECI an even stronger partner for customers’ ICS cybersecurity journey across all industries served.

With this partnership, organizations now have a premier option for layered defense and OT visualization previously not available to many industry segments. Know more about the NECI and Dragos partnership here, or contact us at 1-844-NECI-NOW for your organization’s ICS and OT cybersecurity needs.