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Transforming R&D with Emerging Technologies

October 15, 2022
NECI, a leading Industrial and Automation Solutions and Service Provider, has decades of experience in the industries we serve, yet we still continue to find new ways to push the limits of what our clients see as possible through a deep understanding of their respective business objectives and our command of innovative approaches. Whatever the goal may be, our team offers the experience and drive needed to help clients maximize results.

We empower our clients to advance the world through process development, emerging technologies, and digital transformation. Crucial in our clients’ research and development efforts is our push for transformation with the help of emerging technologies.

Here are some ways our R&D client models provide an excellent foundation for some of the biggest medical breakthroughs in the world:

Improved efficiency with open bioreactor solutions
NECI’s subscription-based evergreen bioreactor software system is designed for flexibility and configurability, allowing researchers to speed up the R&D process and improve the quality of data analytics with real-time monitoring. Here, we combine equipment and software use with a seasoned team of experts to provide a platform that manages data, accommodates change, and supports process development over the duration of a research project.

Continuously improving through the Process Analytical Technology platform
Our Process Analytical (PAT) platform is the cornerstone of our commitment to product quality and focus on continuous improvements. This platform enables researchers to improve data quality and understand molecules and potential products in development through the use of industry-leading analytical technology and tools. Our compliant, easy-to-use transfer platform also allows us to lower development and manufacturing costs, adding another layer of value for our clients.

Processing and deciding with the help of Flexible Data Automaton 
NECI also facilitates improved decision making by providing faster data access that boost lab efficiencies while decreasing costs. These solutions are available at every stage, beginning with initial discovery to regulatory approval. This allows us to empower our clients to increase productivity, elevate experimental data quality, and reduce lab process cycle times.

Our team of engineers, decades of experience, and digitally-enabled services and platforms can help fuel your company’s ultra-fast, data-rich, automated, and integrated lab solutions. Transform your Research and Development with NECI today.  Get in touch with our Experts 24/7/356 at 1-844-NECI-NOW .

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