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Expect Expanded Services and Coverage as NYNE Mechanical Merges with Emerson Lifecycle Services

January 15, 2022
NYNE Mechanical, one of the largest valve repair facilities in the Northeast, announced the merger of Emerson’s Final Control Lifecycles Services Business Unit with their Mechanical Services Division. Effective January 24, 2022, this expansion is part of the NECI Plant Services plan that provides customers with a comprehensive, single-source solution for all plant maintenance and optimization needs. 

On offer are digitally enabled Mechanical, Instrument, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Reliability, Data, Control System, and Plant Optimization services. NYNE’s services also include associated machining, diagnostic, and maintenance programs.

When the capabilities of these two industry powerhouses combine, customers can expect the following:

Expanded Services
As Emerson Lifecycle Services further integrates with NYNE, the two companies are expected to provide the same great services that their customers currently enjoy, but now with more flexibility and responsiveness. 

Expanded Expertise
The two companies boast of OEM-certified technicians, an integrated quality program, and a 5S aligned safety program, making them capable of servicing Emerson Fisher™ valves and other brand assets including pressure relief valves, isolation, valves, MOV (Motor Operated Valves), and pneumatic actuation.

Expanded Coverage
Through this merger, NYNE will be able to expand its Bangor, Maine operations and integrate the Emerson Auburn, MA, Albany, NY, and Rochester, NY shops to serve more clients locally throughout the region. The shops involved will continue to be part of the North American Emerson Impact Partner network of over 170 service centers.

The combined efforts of these two companies makes NYNE the most capable, comprehensive valve repair facility in the Northeast, able to support all valve brands. To get in touch with NYNE, visit