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5 Ways for OEMs to Maintain a Competitive Advantage

October 15, 2022
OEMs are no strangers to operating in fast-moving industries. However, it is also this pace of change that poses one of their biggest challenges. From changing technology, changing market dynamics, to changing business expectations – OEMs undoubtedly face a demanding landscape. 

To safeguard their position in a highly competitive industry, OEMs must work on the following to maintain a competitive advantage:
  1. Maximize production efficiency and uptime 
    Lost time can translate to lost income, which is why OEMs must go the extra mile to ensure their operations run smoothly. This includes always looking into newer yet more efficient maintenance methods, such as predictive maintenance. 

  2. Maintain quality standards
    When the right level of production is achieved, it becomes easier to produce the high-quality solutions that end users demand. When possible, OEMs can consult with third party providers about their automation and product selection needs to gain a competitive advantage.

  3. Source locally
    Another time-related consideration is the decision where to source one’s inventory. Finding a local source for inventory that is specific to an OEM’s needs helps save time, especially when it is ready to ship as soon as it is needed.

  4. Extend your services and support team
    The ability of an OEM to expand their services and support team can help one-up the competition. Consider working with partners with a large network, both locally and globally.

  5. Collaborate with a trusted partner
    Achieving a competitive advantage can be easier done through collaboration. Partnering with tried and tested industry partners like NECI can help increase OEMs’ efficiencies and revenue, as NECI delivers solutions that fit specific business objectives. The well-established solutions provider can also provide digital solutions to support the automation needs of OEMs.

Work with NECI to ensure the most reliable, secure, and innovative products are installed where they are needed, helping tackle persistent business challenges. Learn more about our OEM Solutions, or reach out to a NECI expert anytime at 1-844-NECI-NOW.

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