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Predictive vs Corrective Maintenance: How Do These Benefit Your Plant?

October 15, 2021
The root of the word ‘maintenance’ means to maintain or preserve something which, in the case of operations, means the smooth running of day-to-day processes to ensure maximum productivity. With a well-maintained plant, everything else follows, including lowered costs and reduced downtimes.

A key service offered by NECI, a leader in industrial automation and digital transformation, is Predictive Maintenance. While predictive maintenance can help prevent future incidents, maintenance only reacts to problems – it doesn’t correct design or operational deficiencies. This is why NECI goes beyond predictive maintenance with a unique approach that can help your plant run more efficiently. By considering your people, unique work processes, technologies, and management and work culture, NECI creates a structure for ongoing continuous improvement that leads to improved reliability.

Depending on your needs, NECI offers a full suite of predictive maintenance solutions such as Vibration Analysis, Oil Sampling Analysis, Ultrasonic Inspections, Infrared Thermography, and Motion Amplification Analysis for Troubleshooting Structural Issues.

However, normal wear and tear is inevitable and can negatively impact the moving parts within your operations. This is where a different kind of maintenance is needed to ensure continued productivity. NECI offers Corrective Maintenance services to help ensure maximum uptime,  addressing individual failures and assessing the root cause to identify and mitigate any underlying issues. Some of the solutions offered by NECI include Laser Alignment, Dynamic Balancing, Mechanical Repair, and CoolBlue Motor Bearing Protection.

These two types of maintenance work hand-in-hand to make sure your facility runs consistently at peak performance, maximizing uptime and empowering you to operate with confidence. 

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