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Life Sciences

The Role of Digital Transformation in the Life Sciences

August 15, 2021

What we can achieve as a society with the help of technology continues to amaze. What is possible today was unthinkable a mere 10 years ago.

At NECI, we recognize that digital transformation is a true gamechanger. When driven by data and technology, it can be transformational for many industries. It all starts with gathering important data and using it to ensure your plant operations are optimized.

In an industrial environment, it can begin from something as simple as measuring your pressure, flow, uptime, valve health, and other key operational processes. NECI’s business has long been at the frontlines of doing that measurement, which can then be turned into control, then into data, then into information. 

This information can then be easily accessed by you wherever you are. Information about your plant’s overall health and the health of its assets can be easily retrieved anytime, anywhere.

“The amount of potential we have to impact our client’s business is unparalleled,” shares Phil Braun, VP for Life Sciences at NECI. “The power of NECI is not just about any one product, it’s how we bring them together.”

NECI looks at clients’ enterprise as whole, connecting silos of data from their operations. Digital transformation is a true gamechanger for many industries, especially in biotech process development and manufacturing. NECI is able to help clients really take command of their processes, such as for drug development lifecycles. 

Digital technologies have changed how we can get new medicines to market. A good example is the development and rollout of vaccines in record time. This entire process is directly correlated to the digital transformation that NECI delivers via its digital solutions.

“NECI’s mission is to help clients and scientists drive more and better science more quickly. Our ability to explore problems and think of solutions is what we love to do, and it’s what drives us at NECI,” said Braun.

Watch the video to learn more: 

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