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Rosemount 3051S MultiVariable Mass Flow Transmitter

Course number
2024 Class Date TBA


This 1-day course will instruct students with hands on experience to properly install, configure, calibrate and maintain the Rosemount 3051SMV Smart Flow Transmitter.


Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify/explain transmitter parts and their functionality
  • Explain the transmitter's operation principles
  • Perform configuration and testing utilizing the Field Communicator, AMS Device Manager, and the 3051SMV Engineering Assistant software
  • Use the 3051SMV  Engineering Assistant Software to configure the compensated flow parameters
  • Perform proper installation and troubleshooting of the 3051SMV transmitter


  • DP Flow Fundamentals
  • Overview and Principles of Operation
  • Test Equipment Selection
  • Temperature Sensor Wiring
  • Bench Testing the Smart Transmitters
  • 3051SMV Engineering Assistant Software
  • Operation of the Field Communicator and AMS Device Manager
  • Digital Trims/Calibration
  • Installation and Start-Up
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance


Basic knowledge of Pressure and DP Flow Fundamentals & instrumentation.

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    Cancellations:  If your plans or budgets change, you may cancel your enrollment up to 14 calendar days prior to the start of the course without incurring a cancellation charge.  Limited enrollment makes it necessary to charge a 50% administrative fee for any changes or cancellations within two weeks of the class start date.