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PRV University

Course number
2022 Class Date TBD
- CEUs: 2.1


4-1/2 day conference demonstrating natural gas regulator in gas pressure control fundamentals. Natural Gas distribution and natural gas transmission will be emphasized.

Topics Covered

Upon completion students will have knowledge of:

  • Operation Principles
  • ASME Pressure Vessel Code Requirements
  • API Storage Tank Standards and Recommended Practices
  • Advantages and Limitations of PRV Types
  • Installation and Applications of Pressure Relief Devices
  • Pressure Relief Device Hands-on Circuit
  • Assembly and Testing Facility Tour
  • Operational Demonstrations of Devices in our ASME Certified Testing Laboratory


When making your reservation you will need ot select wich of the workshops in day 3 you wish to attend:

  • WS1:  Pressure Relief Valve Sizing and Selections (8am - 3pm)

  • WS2:  Pressure Relief Valve Hands-on Troubleshooting, Inspection, Maintenance and Reliability (8am - noon)

Each attendee will receive an engineering handbook containing materials covered in the seminar.  A Certificate of Achievement that will contain the name, date, title and material content of the seminar.  Dependent on your state or local agency  this course may be used to fulfill the continuing education requirement for your Professional Engineering certification.  Contact your local agency to determine if this seminar can be used for your program.

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