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Penberthy Magnetic Liquid Level Gauges
Magnetic Liquid Level Gauges
Multiview™ products offer a superior solution to liquid level monitoring and a viable alternative to glass level gauges, float switches, displacers and other mechanical and electronic level technologies


  • Hermetically sealed indicator with 316 SS housing.
  • Optional gold anodized flags and followers.
  • Standard and concentric magnet design for superior coupling.
  • Custom weighted magnetic float.
  • Chamber designed to ASME B31.3 and B31.1.
  • Easy installation and virtually maintenance-free.
  • Optional magnetically coupled clamp on transmitters and switches available for the magnetic liquid level gauge.
  • Model MGVB (vapor bypass) provides superior solution to process flashing.
  • Model MGGR features independent guided wave radar level transmitting for true redundancy in a single package.


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