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Tartarini™ Type DO200 Odorant Injection System
The Type DO200 is the evolution of the traditional Dosaodor-D system, a computerized odorant injection system proportional to the gas flow rate that guarantees a very accurate dosing of odorant liquid.

The system utilizes the pressure differential always present in a pressure reduction station, or in alternative methane bottles, and solenoid valves with electric control for the injection. It can be paired with the traditional absorption type system, it is completely configurable and can interface with telecontrol systems.

The DO200 guarantees the dosing of the odorant liquid maintaining the requested concentration regardless the gas flow rate supplied by the station, even if that is extremely variable and has a very low value.
Tartarini™ Type DO200 Odorant Injection System


Control Panel
Cabinet Material: Resin IP65-IP55
Installation: Wall
Feeding: 24 Vdc 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz
Electromagnetic Interferences: Compliant to 89/336/CE
Operating Temperature: -10° to 40°C
Humidity: 10% - 90% not condensate
Installation Area: Safe Area (not classified)
Consumption (Total System): 120 W at 24 Vdc
Pneumatic Panel
Material: Stainless Steel
Liquid Odorants: THT/Mercaptans
Installation: Wall or floor (optional)
Maximum Feeding Pressure: 100 barg


  • Eliminated the needs for external energy
  • Needs less inventory of spare parts versus the traditional pump system
  • Easier maintenance of the solenoid valves
  • Verification of the correct odorant concentration at each injection
  • Emptying of the pneumatic panel from the odorant liquid for clean maintenance operations
  • Provides level measurement of the storage tank without installing additional instrumentation
  • Remote system control without additional software due to integrated web server
  • Interface with superior systems (SCADA, DCS) with MODBUS TCP/RTU communication protocol


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