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Sempell Model STE4 Electro Pneumatic Control Unit
Sempell SOT High Pressure Steam Safety Valve, Disc Spring
TUV type tested Control Unit to operate spring loaded safety valves as Controlled Safety Pressure Relief Sytems (CSPRS) acc.
EN ISO 4126-5
Sempell Model STE4 Electro Pneumatic Control Unit


Type of current:
50 Hz
Main voltage:
230 V
Power consumption:
60 W
Type of enclosure:
IP 55
Ambient temperature:
–25 °C – +60 °C
Compressed air supply:
2 bar min., 8 bar max.
Air consumption:
No consumption during normal operation
78 kg
Other versions available on request


  • High tightness up to set pressure due to supplementary load
  • Small opening and closing pressure differences
  • Blow down widely adjustable
  • High setting accuracy and reproducibility
  • Opening possible even below set pressure
  • Pressure setting of safety valve during normal plant operation
  • Check of the control function without operation of the safety valve
  • With one unit more than one safety valve can be operated
  • In case of failure, the safety valve opens as direct spring valve (fail–safe function)


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