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Vanessa Series 30,000 (Cryogenic Configuration)
Series 30,000 Triple Offset Valves (Cryogenic Configuration)
A virtually maintenance-free valve with tightness, operability and torque demand unaffected by cryogenic conditions and severe temperature fluctuations
Vanessa Series 30,000 (Cryogenic Configuration)


DN 80 - 1800 (NPS 3 - 72)
Pressure ratings
ASME class 150 - 900; EN PN 10 - 160
Temperature range
-254°C to +250°C (-425°F to +482°F)
Design Standards
API 609, EN 593; ASME B16.34, EN 12516
Flange Standards
ASME B16.5/ASME B16.47; EN 1092-1
Face to face
ISO 5752; EN 558; ASME B16.10; API 609
Face to face
ISO 5752; EN 558; ASME B16.10; API 609
Buttweld ends
ASME B16.25; EN 12627
Buttweld top entry ends
Vanessa standard


  • Non-rubbing 90-degree rotation and metal-to-metal torque seating provide bi-directional zero leakage tightness to ISO 5208, EN 12266-1 and API 598.
  • Bolted extended bonnet protects packing from cryogenic service temperatures.
  • Forged one-piece Nitronic® 50 metal seal ring ensures high corrosion resistance and keeps important mechanical features at low temperatures.
  • Buttweld top entry design allows access without removing the valve body from the line.
  • Stellite® grade 21 overlay seats are maintenance-free.
  • Robust and fire-resistant all-metal construction.
  • Spot-faced flanges ensure maximum joint-to-pipe integrity.
  • Robust one-piece shaft designed to transfer/maintain torque efficiently.
  • Two-piece packing gland and graphite packing minimize external emission risk.
  • Key secured shaft-to-disc connection for maximum shaft integrity.
  • Heavy duty bearings withstand high pressure loads and wear.
  • Braided graphite bearing protectors prevent dirt intrusion, ensuring constant running torque and valve operability.


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