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Fisher™ 249 Series Cageless Sensors
Fisher 249 cageless sensors are generally used on applications requiring large displacers that are accommodated by large flange connections.
Different displacer stem lengths permit lowering the displacer to the desired depth. These sensors are designed to measure changes in liquid level, liquid interface level, or density/specific gravity inside a process vessel using Archimedes’ Principle.
Fisher™ 249 Series Cageless Sensors


Area Classification
PED for 249W type only
Mounting Type
Process Vessel Mounted
Operating Temperature
Low Temperature, Standard Temperature, High Temperature
Position Control
Process Control
Other Configurations
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  • Displacer reaction to small specific gravity changes allows these instruments to be used for density applications and in other applications where a response to low levels of input signal change is required.
  • Few moving parts are used. A knife-edged driver bearing in the sensor helps to provide low-friction operation. Sensors are available in ratings up to CL2500.
  • The torque tube can be replaced without removing the torque tube arm.


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