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Piggable Valves and Manifolds
Pigging systems are composed of piggable valves and manifolds that automate the cleaning and emptying of transfer lines used for material distribution.
Piggable valves and manifolds enable multiple successive product transfers through a single line without contamination. With Emerson?s Pigging systems you can improve safety and efficiency while reducing piping, flushing, and contamination.
Piggable Valves and Manifolds


Product Transfers in Lubricant Manufacturing, Grease Manufacturing, Specialty Chemical Blending, Chemical and Additive Blending, Paints Manufacturing, Personal Care, Food and Beverage
Piggable Valves (Head Line Distribution Valve, In-Line Distribution Valves, Twin Valves, Three Way Valves) and Piggable Manifolds
Valve Line Sizes
For 2 to 6 inches, please consult factory for details on additional sizes
Pig Materials
Polyurethane, Viton, EPDM, HNBR, PTFE
Valve and Manifold Materials
Stainless Steel
Scope of Work
Process Engineering/Design, Performance Guarantee, Equipment Supply Procurement, Project Management, Fabrication, Testing, Startup/Commissioning, Training, Lifecycle Services and Support
Scope of Supply
Piggable systems composed of valves, highways, and turnkey manifolds with a performance guarantee. Systems feature pigs, valves, instrumentation, wireless instrumentation, wiring, spare parts, and controls
Liquids such as Chemicals, Lubricants, Paints, Solvents, Alcohols, Greases, Plastics, Soaps, Detergents, Coats and Varnishes, Inks, Beverages, Resins, Cleaning Products, Adhesives and Sealants, etc.


  • Achieve the highest performing pigging operation due to valves that have the lowest residual fluid amount of 23 milliliters
  • Service valves easily without having to dismantle the valve thanks to Emerson's patented easy ring design
  • Reduce air pressure requirements for propelling by up to 60% with flexible lip pig design
  • Maintain performance and ease spare parts management with Emerson's global lifecycle services and support network
  • Avoid product spills and safety hazards by eliminating hoses and automating transfers with reliable piggable manifolds
  • Reduce the need for dedicated transfer piping with compact piggable manifolds
  • Improve product quality by reducing contamination and eliminating slop
  • Pig bi-directionally when needed with a field proven bi-directional pigging process


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