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Fisher™ Type P539A Pneumatic Actuator
Type P539A pneumatic actuator permits opening and closing Fisher N550/N551 Series Snappy Joe emergency shutoff valves (ESVs) both at the valve with the use of a pneumatic 4-way valve and from a remote location.
The actuator opens the valve when pressure is applied. Upon loss of pressure, the N550/N551 Series closes, assisted by the spring in the pneumatic actuator.
Fisher™ Type P539A Pneumatic Actuator


Emergency Shutoff Valve End Connection Size and Style
1-1/4, 2 and 3-inch NPT
Actuator Pressure Limits
Minimum: 20 psig / 1,4 bar
Maximum: 40 psig / 2,8 bar
Recommended Operating Pressure: 20 to 25 psig / 1,4 to 1,7 bar
Temperature Capabilities
-40° to 150°F / -40° to 66°C
Approximate Weight
4.8 Pounds / 2 kg
Thermal Release Melt Point
212°F / 100°C


  • Remotely Operate Emergency Shutoff Valves on Stationary Storage Tanks at Bulk Plants
  • Fusible Element Provides Thermal Release
  • Return Mechanism: Spring only?no air required


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