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Fisher™ 1008 Manual Handwheel Actuator
The Fisher 1008 manual handwheel actuator is used in applications that require a throttling type of control valve that can be manually operated and set.
This actuator can be used on nearly all standard globe style or angle style control valve body assemblies. No special valve body adaptor is required for use with the 1008 actuator, so that future conversion from manual to automatic control can be accomplished at minimum cost. The 1008 actuator is capable of giving precise manual throttling control. A travel indicator mounted on the actuator yoke provides a visual indication of valve plug position at all times. A dial-type valve plug position indicator is also available as optional equipment.

Fisher Valve Handwheel Operation

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Fisher™ 1008 Manual Handwheel Actuator


Control Type
Operating Temperature
Standard Temperature
Power Source
Process Control
Valve Type
Globe Valve, Angle Valve
Other Configurations
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  • For sizes 30, 40, and 50, the yoke is attached to the valve body with a forged steel hammer locknut. For the size 80, the yoke is bolted to the valve body. The handwheel mechanism on all sizes is totally enclosed.
  • Regardless of the valve plug action, counterclockwise rotation of the handwheel always opens the valve. A spring-loaded ball detent in the handwheel prevents it from rotating due to vibration.
  • The valve stem does not revolve, assuring the same seating surface with each full stroke. Also, the yoke construction ensures that the force required to turn the handwheel cannot be transmitted to the valve body. Sizes 30, 40, and 50 actuators can be fur


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