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ASCO™ Numatics ISO 15407-2-18 Pneumatic Valve
Numatics Series 15407-2-18
The ASCO Numatics Series ISO 15407-2-18 is an 18 mm high-speed, heavy-duty valve line designed for general service on all types of automation.
The valves comply with ISO standard 5599/2 for valve-unit-to-base interchangeability. Direct-solenoid and solenoid pilot-actuated models are available. These multi-purpose valves employ the patented Numatics spool-and-sleeve assembly for maximum reliability and durability.


  • Pressure regulators increase energy efficiency and optimize power consumption
  • Meets ISO 15407-2 standard for drop-in replacement
  • Modular design for easy configuration
  • Speed controls optimize machine cycling
  • Individual valves are pressure isolated for easy maintenance
  • Modular G3 fieldbus electronics and I/O compatibility enable easy networking??????
  • Plug together circuit boards eliminate internal wiring
  • Interchangeable push-in fittings accommodate various tube sizes
  • Port sizes include 1/8 threaded, 1/4 push in, 6 mm, and 8 mm


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