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ASCO™ Series 500 Zoned Safety Valve Systems
The ASCO Series 500 valve systems have the ability to integrate multiple safety zones within a single valve system.
This approach is called Zoned Safety. Emerson´s Zoned Safety solution goes beyond the standard release of energy, or "dumping of air" practice by proving that predictable motion can be safe. It allows isolation of the air supply to keep operators safe without unnecessary disruption to production. The integrated approach simplifies redundant pneumatic safety circuit design with a single valve system, making it possible to configure up to three discrete zones per machine. This simple, user-friendly solution helps the design engineer satisfy the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and comply with ISO 13849-1 while eliminating the components and complexity commonly found in existing safety circuits.
ASCO™ Series 500 Zoned Safety Valve Systems


Valve Actuation
Solenoid - Air Pilot
Pipe / Port Size
1/4, 3/8, 8 mm, 6 mm
Port Type
NPTF, G ISO228/1-G BSPP, Push-in
4 way - 5/2, 4 way - 5/3 - Closed Center, 4 way - 5/3 - Open Center, 4 way - 5/3, 4 way - 5/3 - Pressure Center, Dual 3 - Way 2 X Normally Closed, Dual 3 - Way 2 X Normally Open
From 1.0 Cv to 2.0 Cv
From .86 to 1.73 Kv
From 1000 To 2000 L/M
From 60 to 120 M3/H
From 35.3 To 70.6 SCFM
Max Differential / Max Operating Pressure
Vacuum to 150 PSIG, Vacuum to 10.3 Bar
Standards / Regulations
Machine Safety 13849 (ISO 13849-1 and ISO 13849-2)
Operating Environment
Air, Inert Gas


  • Simplifies the design of a Cat 3 pneumatic safety circuit by integrating the safety function into a pneumatic valve system
  • Allows multiple independent safety circuits to be cost effectively designed into a single pneumatic valve system
  • Improved productivity and machine availability through independent safety circuits (zones)
  • Evaluated by TüV Rheinland (Report No. 968/FSP 1228.00/16 - 503) & (Report No. 968/V 1045.00/18 - 501/502) in accordance with ISO 13849-1 and ISO 13849-2


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