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TESCOM™ Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Series M20 Differential Pressure Manifold
A unique dual rotary-positioned differential pressure transmitter manifold with single handle actuation


  • Enables external transmitter zeroing via single handle.
  • Lockable handle may be screw locked in any position or padlocked in OFF position, for personnel safety.
  • AG Mount direct pipe stand mounting enables early installation without transmitter and easy instrument removal for maintenance.
  • Correct fixed valve sequence ensures accurate transmitter pressurization and zeroing. Port sequencing always admits high side pressure to transmitter first, preventing possible zero shift from reverse over-ranging.
  • Safe venting of manifold and instrument cavities protects personnel during maintenance.
  • Seal fluids cannot be lost when manipulating to ZERO, RUN or OFF, providing major savings in down time and seal fluids.
  • Foolproof manual configuration prevents incorrect transmitter over-ranging and transmitter burn-out due to equalizer valve being left open for flow.


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