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TESCOM™ Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Instrumentation Models M50/H70 Primary Isolation
Models M50/H70 Primary Isolation
M50 and H70 valves are suited for severe service, instrument primary (root) type installations requiring rugged durability, reliability and safety.
Both are intended to replace gate and globe valves found in traditional installations.


  • Compact design requires minimum space for operation and installation; low weight increases connection strength and reduces gauge whip.
  • In-line replaceable soft or metal seats eliminate the need for valve removal.
  • Straight through bore allows rodding out.
  • Non-rotating stem design eliminates packing wear and seat galling, extending valve life.
  • API Firesafe 607 rated primary block provides assured reliability in severe service applications.
  • Metal-to-metal body-to-bonnet seal in constant compression prevents bonnet thread corrosion, eliminates possible tensile breakage and gives a reliable seal point.
  • Safety back seating prevents stem blowout or accidental removal while in operation and provides a metal-to-metal secondary stem seal while in the full open position.
  • Bonnet lock plate prevents accidental separation from body yet easy maintenance and repair.
  • M50’s multi-port gauge connections allow versatile positioning of gauges or pressure switches without additional penetration of the main piping.


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