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EasyHeat™ Pipe Tracing Accessories
EasyHeat™ pipe tracing accessories are used to attach heating cables and/or identify heat tracing applications.
They include NST2 fiberglass application tape, ALT aluminum heat transfer tape, CS caution labels and HCA application tape.


  • For Commercial and Residential Applications
  • NST2 fiberglass application tape is heat resistant for most applications
  • ALT aluminum heat transfer tape is used on plastic pipes for even heat distribution
  • CS caution labels are used to reduce the possibility of accidents and liability. These easy-to-read caution labels are packaged five per bag
  • HCA application tape is 30 ft (9.14 m) of clear tape, rated for temperature so as not to lose its adhesive properties, and printed with the words ELECTRICALLY HEATED PIPE for easy identification. They are packaged one per carton and measures 0.5 in x 30 ft (1.27 cm x 9.14 m)
  • All have a one year limited warranty


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