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A powerful engineering and operations tool for simulation of liquid pipeline hydraulics and operations.
PipelineOptimizer accurately predicts flow rates, pressures, batch arrival time, and total volume pumped for virtually any liquid pipeline. PipelineOptimizer will help you minimize your operating cost by finding the best pumping schedule and DRA usage to meet the demands of your operating schedule.


  • Flexible - visualize schematics, tables, and menus any way you want with easy customization capabilities
  • Powerful - perform capacity studies, operating cost, and downtime analysis; calculate DRA usages, budgeting results, and fuel usage
  • Practical - study realistic operational schedules and perform what-if scenarios to address real-world operations
  • Better operational and financial evaluations of new or modified assets
  • Lower operating costs through reduced DRA and power consumption
  • Improved understanding of incremental cost of new transportation volumes
  • Analysis and understanding of complex power billing
  • Significant reductions of both power consumption and DRAs are possible, resulting in the potential savings of thousands of dollars per year on a single pipeline


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