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Rosemount™ 1097 Compact Thermowell
rosemount 1097 thermowell
Optimize plant efficiency and increase measurement reliability with the industry-proven design of the Rosemount 1097 Compact Thermowell.
As a flexible solution, this compact barstock thermowell is engineered in flanged or welded mounting styles with a tapered tip that allows for faster response time. In addition, this product features a large selection of thermowell materials for process compatibility and offers full penetration weld as standard for increased strength.
Rosemount™ 1097 Compact Thermowell


Material certification, CRN�
Materials of Construction
316L SST, 304L SST, Carbon Steel and others (see full specs for complete list of materials)
Straight with tapered tip


  • Compact barstock thermowell available in flanged or welded mounting styles for application flexibility
  • Large selection of thermowell materials offers proper process compatibility
  • Tapered tip allows for faster response time to meet application requirements
  • Full penetration weld standard increases thermowell strength for durability
  • Integral thermowell extensions eliminate components for simplified configuration and installation
  • Material certification option ensures material traceability and process compatibility


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