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Rosemount™ 765 Multiple Spot Temperature and Water Level Sensor
The Rosemount 765 has an integrated water level sensor attached to the temperature sensor tube to measure free water level at the bottom of the tank.
It enables correct product volume calculations.
Rosemount multiple spot temperature sensors measure temperature with a number of Pt-100 spot elements placed at different heights to provide a tank temperature profile and an average temperature.
Only fully immersed elements are used to determine product temperature. One of the temperature sensor elements may be installed inside the water level probe. Each sensor is connected to the Rosemount 2240S transmitter.
Rosemount™ 765 Multiple Spot Temperature and Water Level Sensor


Temperature Sensors:
1/6 DIN Class B (standard), 1/10 DIN Class B (option).
Calibration option: Individually calibrated spot elements with four-wire connection enables ±0.025 °C (±0.045 °F) total sensor accuracy.
Water Level Sensor:
± 2 mm (0.08 in.) with 500 mm active length, ± 4 mm (0.16 in.) with 1000 mm active length.
Element Type(s)
Pt-100 spot elements according to EN 60751
Number of Spot Elements
Up to 16 RTD spot elements:
• Three-wire common return or individual wiring.
• Four-wire individual wiring.
Measurement Range
  • Temperature Sensor: -50 to +250 °C (-58 to +482 °F).
  • Active measuring range water level sensor: 500 mm (20 in.), or 1000 mm (40 in.).
Overall Length
Maximum 60 m (197 ft).
Protective Sheath
Stainless steel, AISI 316. Wall thickness 0.3 mm (0.012 in.). ∅= 1 in.
Water Level Sensor Versions
• Open model: Recommended for crude oil and heavy duty products.
• Closed model: Recommended for lighter fuels such as diesel oil.


  • Get custody transfer net volume accuracy with three- or four-wire multiple spot temperature sensors for bulk liquid storage tanks.
  • Improve accuracy with unique sensor calibration.
  • Measure liquid temperature with up to 16 spot elements.
  • Measure free water level.
  • Select from a wide range of accessories such as anchor weights and vapor boots.


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