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Paine™ 212-60-080 Differential Pressure Transducer
paine 212-60-080 compensated dp transducer
The Paine™ 212-60-080 Differential Pressure Transmitter is a temperature compensated, VDC output differential pressure sensor.
This transmitter provides measurements for actuator position feedback from hydraulic and pneumatic controls in industrial, energy, OEM and test environments. Featuring built-in electronics, this sensor eliminates the need for separate sensors and amplifiers, and provides accurate output directly proportional to the pressure difference at the two ports.
Paine™ 212-60-080 Differential Pressure Transducer


Measurement Range
Up to 5000 psid (344 bar)
Operating Temperature
-40 °F to 250 °F (0 °C to 121 °C)
Process Media
Any compatible with 300 series CRES, Buna-N-Rubber, 2024-T351 AL, and 15-5 PH CRES
Pressure Port/Fitting
Manifold mounting per MIL-G-5514, Type II, Class 2 O-rings (2) MS28775-008 are supplied with each transducer


  • Delivers high accuracy and dependable, long-term pressure measurement
  • Sealed and corrosion-resistant construction provides long term performance
  • Compact and lightweight design withstands high vibration and shock environments
  • Engineered for wide operating pressure range for application adaptability
  • Customizable transducer options available for fit-for-use designs


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